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The following is a list of some guidelines that all Perspective Educational Services tutors follow.  They are designed to foster a positive and effective tutoring environment, one that supports students through their academic classes.  Our tutors:


·Inspire students to challenge themselves, and assist them in meeting the challenges presented by their teachers.  Stay positive, recognize strengths, and help build confidence.


·Give time to revisiting topics from a student's academic past. Fill in gaps, strengthen core skills.  Begin each session revisiting notes from the previous session.


·Give time to introducing topics from a student's academic future, so that class time can become more similar to study time (as becomes increasingly more necessary as students move further into their academic careers).  Offer a sense of which skills will be more important in future classes, and which may be less so.


·Assist in organization of a student's notebooks and folders, including the structure of his or her notes on each page.  As is necessary for organization, revisit frequently.


·Assist in the organization of a student's work on specific problems.  Offer advice on structure, times to write more, and times when less writing is appropriate.


·Make sure that a student can do more than understand a problem as she sees it done, but rather can ultimately proceed through a problem unassisted.  If a student needs assistance with a problem, find or devise a similar problem immediately afterwards that he can progress though unassisted.


·Direct a student towards the manner in which he or she should spend time studying and practicing on their own, following the tutoring session.


·Communicate with parents, guardians, and others who take a role in supporting the student, as he or she grows and learns.

·Offer a broad perspective, in which the details of an individual lesson may be placed.

        Skills that are required to be a valuable academic tutor, are in many ways are the same as those necessary to be a successful teacher, and in other ways different.  While an important role of a teacher is to introduce new material, a tutor is more inclined to find knowledge a student already possesses.  It is easy for a tutor to fall into a routine of taking the lead, and doing assignments together with their students.  However, doing so comes with many risks, including reducing a student’s confidence to approach a problem individually, as he will be tested.  As is often the case for teachers as well, a tutor is more effective as an experienced companion, often allowing the student to be in the lead.